Kinetico Series

Powered by the energy of moving water

You can rest assured that a Kinetico Series water softener will last for years and years. Just check out our warranty or ask someone else who owns one. Interested in learning more? Ask your Kinetico water professional for more information.

Non-Electric Operation

Kinetico Series water softeners operate without the use of electricity. Powered by the energy of moving water, there are no electrical components to repair, replace, set or adjust.

Software, Countercurrent Regeneration

Kinetico Series water softeners make sure you always have soft water, whenever you need it – even during regeneration. And when you don’t need water, your system takes a break. It won’t work unnecessarily so it’s more efficient than competitive systems.

Fresh, Clean Water

Kinetico Series water softeners are the “go to” products for more severe water challenges, like very hard water with iron. Certain models can even tackle the jobs of removing chlorine and particulate matter from water in addition to making the water soft. Your Kinetico professional can recommend the system that will work best for you.