TQ Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Compact non-electric models and wall-mountable to save space; Optional Everclean® Rinse uses high quality water to clean and extend the life of the membrane.

Kinetico’s TQ Series RO systems are designed to provide highly purified water for small commercial applications.

Economical, Convenient, and Customizable

Works automatically through water pressure signals. Since the system does not produce water unnecessarily, water is conserved.

Optional EverClean® Rinse
Cleans the system’s membrane with high quality permeate water upon shutdown to protect water quality and prolong the membrane’s life.

Compact, Expandable System
Requires minimal floor space. Add membrane modules to increase production up to 8000 gallons per day.

Superior Water Filtration

Advanced Filtration
Delivers high quality pure water to your application by removing total dissolved solids (TDS).

Capacity Range
The TQ Series delivers 150 to 450 gallons per day of high quality water.

Efficient Water Production
Designed to maximize water conservation.